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West Lindsey Branch meeting at Brigg - 15th March 2014

It was such a nice day that I took the motorbike out to Brigg for the West Lindsey Branch meeting. When I arrived there was nobody there. This was because rather unusually for the webmaster I had arrived early.

St. John's, Brigg

However it wasn't long before people turned up and shortly after 3:00pm we got the bells up and started some ringing. This was one practice where people "did know their Bourne", but this was probably because it was the "Special Method" for the practice.

Ringing at St. John's
Ringing at St. John's

Ringing varied from Rounds and Call changes, to Plain and Little Bob, lots of Bourne, some spliced plain minor and a touch of spliced Cambridge 6, which is Cambridge, Bourne, Hull, Norfolk, Primrose and Ipswich.

Spliced Plain Minor at Brigg

During the ringing, members could walk round the historic and slightly unusual church of St. John the Evangelist. The church has the tower at the east end of the church and the entrance is also at the east end, instead of the western end of the church as is more usual.

Ringing finished just before 5:00pm and the bells were rung down before the members made their way home.

Jonathan Clark (Webmaster)