Lincoln Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers Website - Channels of Communication

Website - Channels of Communication

Diary information - details or changes should be sent by the Branch Secretary to the Webmaster.

Tower information changes - details should go to the relevant Branch Secretary who will forward them to the Webmaster.

Tower contacts - Please would Branch Secretaries keep the paper data protection forms themselves and forward changes of information or additions to the Webmaster. Data protection forms for publishing names in the Annual Report should be filled in by new members and kept by the Branch Secretaries.

Newsletters - Before sending them on to the Webmaster for publication, personal e-mail addresses need to be removed, or replaced by the generic ones.

Items of news or articles - These should be sent to the Webmaster via your Branch Secretary. The Webmaster will then circulate the Website Committee before uploading to the website.



Branch circulation lists
Branch Secretaries seem to have their own lists, which they are happy to use. It is suggested, however that people use bcc when sending out group e-mails to protect individuals' personal e-mail addresses.

Website updates - As a general rule, the website will be updated each Sunday (unless an urgent amendment is required) as we do not want this to become a burden.