Quarter Peals Report 2010

Quarter Peal report 2010


2010 continued as 2009 had been with a reduction in the number of quarters rung in the Lincoln Guild area. 410 were recorded in the Ringing World, on Campanophile, in the Central Branch Newsletter or on various Branch websites. 17 of them were rung on handbells (minimus to minor). Over 170 were rung on Sundays or for Services on other days. 170 were rung in the Central Branch at 33 towers, 71 in 23 Southern Branch towers, 69 in 12 Northern, 59 in 15 West Lindsey, 32 in 17 Eastern, 9 in 7 Elloe Deaneries Branch towers. There were no new towers again this year, but the first at Owston Ferry since 2001 appeared. Thurlby had their first since rehanging the bells and the first of Major was rung on the simulator at Wragby. 6 towers have rung at least one quarter every year since I started doing this reports.

Not surprisingly the most popular method was plain bob with 155(minimus to royal), then Cambridge Surprise with 37 (minor to maximus) and Grandsire 34 (doubles to cinques). A total of 49 individual methods were rung (6 of them being new and rung for the first time) and 69 were in more than one method. 146 quarters were of doubles, 133 minor, 74 major, 20 triples, 8 caters, 7 minimus, 5 cinques, 4 maximus, 2 royal and 1 of singles.

I noted the following people as ringing their first quarters: Lyn Crampton, Tony Kerry, Ron Everett, Ben Bogosian, Susan Thompson, Ralph Poore, Emily Waters, Joseph Waters, Andrew Usbourne, David Randall, Nick Williams, Amy Dixon, Kim Holland, George King, Ellie Sargeant, William Cherry, Simon Pearson, Tom Hebdige, Joy Scott, Ivan Podbury, Richard Thornton, Benjamin Stokoe, Alice McNeill, John McNeill and Kimberley Nelson. Well done all of you, and I look forward to seeing your names in many more in the future. 205 other firsts of one sort or another were also seen, showing that people are happy to try ringing something new.

89 different people called at least one quarter peal. Christopher Woodcock called the most with 85, followed by Michael Stracey with 39 and Barry Peachey 32. 18 ladies did some of the calling with Emma Southerington calling 14. Philippa Stokoe, David Justham, Gemma Evans, Daniel Young, George Thompson and Alistair Cherry all called their first during 2010, may you go on to call many more.

In 2011 there will be a number of reasons to ring a quarter, e.g. St George�s Day, The Royal Wedding and Lincolnshire Day. Thinking ahead even further, February 6th 2012 will be the 60th anniversary of the Queen�s Accession, and of course the London Olympics are in August. Go on, get out there and do it!

Michael Stracey