Quarter Peal report 2011


The reduction in the number of quarter peals rung continued again in 2011 when a total of 382 were rung in the Lincoln Guild area. These were recorded in the Ringing World, on Campanophile or in various Branch publications. 9 were rung on handbells (minimus to royal). About 165 of them were rung on Sundays or for services on other days of the week. 144 were rung in 29 towers in the Central Branch, 78 in 12 Northern Branch tower, 73 in 22 Southern, 58 in 13 West Lindsey, 18 in 9 Eastern and 6 in 4 Elloe Deaneries Branch towers. Leadenham appeared for the first time since 2005, and Freiston had their first following refurbishment.

As usual the most popular method was Plain Bob with 137 on all numbers of bells from 3 to 11, then Grandsire with 31 (doubles to cinques), Cambridge Surprise 23 (minor to royal), Yorkshire Surprise 16 (major to maximus) and Lincolnshire Surprise (major and royal). A total of 54 individual methods were rung (7 of them were new and rung for the first time and 8 others in which none of the ringers had rung previously), and 69 in more than one method were recorded. 127 were of doubles, 116 minor, 64 major, 26 triples, 14 minimus, 12 caters, 11 royal, 8 cinques, 3 maximus and 1 singles.

I noted the following 13 people having rung their first quarters: James Thorpe, Olga Padley, Carolyn Hibbert, Elizabeth Coles, Joshua and Paul Doades, Emily Morgan, Mike Collier, Catherine Ward, James Northway, Caroline Beach, Mark Weatherby, Philip Hall, Christine Masters and Bish Ward. Well done all of you, and I look forward to recording more for each of you. Nearly 300 other firsts of one sort or another were noted.

79 people called at least one quarter peal. Christopher Woodcock called the most 91 (about a quarter of the total!), followed by Barry Peachey (51) and Ian Till (24). 12 ladies called 23 of the quarters, Emma Southerington calling the most (9). Celia Wood and Alexander Hibbert called their first during 2011 - keep it up - we need more people who are willing to call them.

In 2011 we rang to wish Bishop John a happy retirement, and then to welcome Bishop Christopher to Lincoln. We marked the centenary of the Ringing World (4 quarters) for the Royal Wedding in April (20 quarters) and Lincolnshire Day, 1st October (5 quarters). The local band rang two quarter at Langtoft, claiming them both to be the first! Quarters of special note are the one at Potterhanworth in which Ron Applewhite rang for his 91st birthday, a quarter at Barrow of 3 spliced surprise maximus methods, also a quarter of spliced London and Superlative surprise major, and two of 23 surpise minor methods.

Let�s see if we can reverse the trend in falling quarter peal numbers in the next year. In 2012 we have ample opportunity with the 60th anniversary of the Queen�s Accession in February and the celebration week-end in June, the London Olympics take place in July/August with the Olympic torch passing through the area in June/July. There are plenty of reasons to get out there and ring - but do try to publicise the reasons for the ringing in advance so that everyone knows why the bells are being rung. I�m looking forward to recording your achievements.

Michael Stracey