A Handlist of Campanological papers, articles, theses and dissertations

Compiled and edited by MBE, PhD


This Handlist is intended to complement the Central Council Library Catalogue compiled by John Eisel and the Index of Printed Books compiled by Chris Pickford.  In general printed books are not included, except where they are not listed in either of the two Indexes mentioned.   Because they are not listed elsewhere, so far as I am aware, the technical books notified to me by Bill Hibbert are included.  I will be pleased to include any other books which are of interest and are not listed in the two named publications.

The Handlist is based on Chris Pickford's very personal Index and I am very grateful to him for allowing me to use it in this way.  I have left in the Index items from The Ringing World listed by Chris, however complete Indexes to The Ringing World from 1993 are downloadable from http://ringingworld.co.uk/.

John Baldwin holds the extensive Indexes to The Ringing World which were compiled by Cyril Wratten.

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