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Quarter Peal Report 2006

2006 has been yet another busy year for quarter peals in the Lincoln Guild area. I have recorded the details of 539 quarters as reported in the Ringing World and the Central Branch Newsletter. This total is a little down on 2005, but is still a pretty good number. 200 of them were rung on Sundays or for Services on other days during the week. 48 were rung on handbells (from Minimus to Royal) in various parts of the Guild. Once more the Central Branch rang the most quarters with 179 in 38 towers. The Southern Branch rang 99 in 27 towers, the Northern Branch 96 in 12 towers, West Lindsey 89 in 13 towers, Eastern 62 in 35 towers and Elloe Deaneries 14 quarters in 6 towers.

The only new tower to feature in the reports this year was Hackthorn. Kirkby Underwood, Branston Woodside Campanile, Irnham, Morton and Barrow-on-Humber had their first quarters after refurbishment or augmentation. The Woodside Mobile Tower appeared again at the Lincolnshire Show, also in the Castle Hill Club celebrating Brunel's 200th birthday, and at the Barbecue at Hackthorn when the tower had an open day. Market Deeping regained their position as leading tower again with 25 quarters. Elsham 21, Grasby 18, Ewerby and Potterhanworth 17 each were other leaders. Addlethorpe appeared for the first time since 1996, Newton, Old Leake and Algarkirk (2000) and West Keal and Raithby (2001).

As is to be expected Plain Bob is the most popular method with 175 rung (Minimus to Royal), Cambridge Surprise was next with 50 (Minor to Maximus), followed by Grandsire 39 (Doubles to Caters) and Yorkshire Surprise (Major to Maximus). A total of 63 individual methods were rung to quarters as well as some in more than one method, up to 23 Minor methods in one. 208.5 of the quarters were of Minor, 153.5 Doubles, 88 Major, 33 Triples, 21 Royal, 13 Singles, 10 Minimus, 6 Maximus, 5 Caters and 2 Cinques. A number of methods were rung for the first time including Queen's Birthday Treble Place, Duke of Edinburgh Treble Place, Winnie the Pooh Surprise and Daffodil. The mid week ladies group have rung quarters at Bottesford and Middle Rasen and among the quarters at Ewerby is one of Cambridge Surprise Royal by all ladies band. The young ringers have again rung a few quarters together, at Kirton Lindsey, Messingham and Scotter.

I have noted the following people as having rung their first quarters � Annette Rhodes, Brian Blackbourn, Clive Rudd, Stuart Barrow, Michael Hoare, Helen Pratt, Lynda Hall, Victoria Jenkinson, Eleanor Fiddy, Alan Hewitt, Michael Reynolds, Deborah Stokoe, Chris Hoare, Judy Montgomery, Helen McGurk and Trish Worrall. Well done all of you � let's hope you get to ring many more. Over 330 other firsts of various sorts were recorded.

83 different people conducted quarter peals. Christopher Woodcock called the most (75). Paul Meyer called 54, Rt Rev Barry Peachey 51, Michael Stracey 46 and Ian Till 31. 14 ladies did some conducting, Heather Peachey called 12 and Emma Southerington 7. First-time conductors were Jonathan Clark, David Hibbert, Andrew Lord (on handbells), John Cook, Helen Scarf, Sandra Rhodes, James Fraser and James Hibbert. Keep it up and may you call many more.

The Queen's 80th birthday was celebrated with a total of 42 quarter peals. Some intrepid cyclists from the West Lindsey Branch rang a quarter peal in each of the branches in one day having cycled between them � well done indeed. The Southern, West Lindsey and Eastern Branches ran quarter peal weeks/months which accounted for over 40 quarters. In the Central Branch an attempt was made to ring quarters at all the towers for their churches Patronal Festival (28 successful). At the end of the year 12 quarters were rung as a tribute to Mike Crowder.

Don�t give up on the quarter peals as they are extremely good practice.

Michael Stracey