Guild generic email addresses

LDG generic email addresses

(The address structure for the Guild email circulation lists is shown here).

Guild Officers and other posts:


General Secretary


Newsletter Editor

Report Editor



Peal secretary

Bells adviser to the DAC
Bells adviser to Diocesan Furnishings Officer
Guild Bell Repair Fund administrator

Server Manager (the server is leased jointly with Oxford DG)

Branch posts:

[email protected]

Branch Chairman

[email protected]

Branch Ringing Master

[email protected]

Deputy Branch Ringing Master

[email protected]

Branch Secretary

[email protected]

Branch Treasurer

[email protected]

Branch President

[email protected]

Branch Training Coordinator

[email protected]

Branch Newsletter Editor

[email protected]

Branch rep on Guild committee

Tower Correspondents:

Generic email addresses for Towers will in due course be shown in the Towers Directory, but they are not yet fully set up (as at the end of 2007), and will not be available until the recent tower contact questionnaires have been processed. The addresses will be in the format <[email protected]>. There may be some variation for the more complicated place-names!

Where any tower has not yet given consent to be contacted by email, the generic email address for that Tower will send emails to the Branch Secretary instead.

In the example addresses above, bbb is the branch - cb: Central, eb: Eastern, edb: Elloe Deaneries, nb: Northern, sb: Southern, wlb: West Lindsey.

This structure is based on a document originally prepared by John A Harrison, based on work by Aidan C A Hopkins, as used in Oxford DG. This edition amended May 2007 to suit the specific requirements of the Lincoln DG. Presented to LDG Website Committee meeting 21/10/2007 (slightly amended to accommodate developments).