Quarter Peal report 2016


The number of quarter peals reported as rung within the Lincoln Diocesan Boundaries in 2016 was up on the previous year at 554, of which 86 were rung by visiting ringers. Over 150 were rung on Sundays, presumably for services, or for services on other days. 265 quarters were rung in 32 Central Branch towers, 120 in 34 Southern Branch towers, 59 in 13 Northern Branch, 44 in 23 Eastern, 38 in 16 Elloe Deaneries and 28 in 8 West Lindsey Branch towers. The tower with the most quarter peals this year was again Lincoln St Mary-le-Wigford (61), followed by Potterhanworth (22) Nocton (26) and Elsham (20). Leading towers in the other branches are Market Deeping (15), Messingham (8), Quadring (6) and Ingoldmells (5). Towers appearing for the first time following repair work are Moulton, Ruskington and Sutterton. Swayfield last appeared in 1999, Swinstead in 2008 and Burton-le-Coggles in 2009. There are now only 4 towers which have had at least one quarter peal in every year since I started doing this report in 1985.

As usual the most popular method was Plain Bob with 176 (Minimus to Royal). Then Grandsire 38 (Doubles to Cinques, including Minor and Royal) and Cambridge Surprise 37 (Minor to Royal). Flat-coat Charlie Doubles was a new variation. 10 quarters of Stedman were rung (Doubles to Cinques). Simultaneous Minor was rung at Surfleet again, with one set of ringers ringing Surfleet on the front bells and another set ringing Plain Bob on the back bells, both sets being conducted by the same person. The total number of quarters was made up of 211 Doubles, 144 Minor, 52 Minimus, 33 Triples, 58 Major, 23 Singles, 14 Caters, 5 Cinques, 7 Royal and 5 Maximus and there was 1 of mixed Doubles and Minor and 1 of mixed Caters and Royal.

This year I noted the following 15 ringers having rung their first quarters: Vince Stocking, Luke Boreham, John Macmenemy, Jan J Clark, Jacob Black, Philip Raven, Robert Hodges, Sarah Newson, Melissa Lannigan, Liam Bannister, Luke Busby-Smith, Marc Millward, Carrie J Staley, Peter J Taylor and Nicola Buckthorpe and Helen Macmenemy rang her first for over 40 years. A number of these people have gone on to ring more quarters - it�s nice to see you all progressing. Over 160 other firsts of various sorts were also spotted.

78 people did some conducting with Christopher Woodcock again calling the most (165). Barry Peachey (37), Anthony Walker (35), Alan Bird (27) and Ian Dawson (26) were the other main conductors. 18 ladies did some calling with Heather Peachey calling 4 and other leaders were among the visitors. Come on you local lady ringers, I�m sure many more of you could call the occasional quarter. Tim Carter, Benjamin East, Claire Howard, James Northway, Tracey Black and Robert Harvey all called their first.

Quite a lot of quarters were rung to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen�s 90th birthday. One interesting one that I noted was of a band who are all brothers and sisters in the Stokoe family. Quarter peals in various Julie Mcdonnell methods in her fight against blood cancer campaign being Minimus at Boothby Pagnell, Doubles at Wainfleet St Mary, Eagle, Irnham, Deeping St Nicholas, Stamford St Martin and Scotter and Triples at Caythorpe (twice) and Kirton in Holland. This appeal continues so please ring some more!

We are still marking the deaths of ringers regularly, are you helping train their replacements?

Let�s hope for another good year of ringing in 2017.

Michael Stracey