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Guild Membership

New Guild Members ( Ringing and Associate) may be elected at any business meeting of the local Branch of the Lincoln Diocesan Guild. Prospective members are asked to complete a Membership Form and are subject to election by a majority vote of members present. Membership is only completed on payment of the current subscription. Ringing and Associate Membership may be continued with an annually payment which is due on the 1st January in each year.

A completed Membership Form should be submitted to the Branch Secretary by the start of the business meeting in which the membership proposal is to be heard.

Full details regarding membership are included on the back of the Membership Form.

Non Resident Life Members (NRLM) are asked to fill out a Membership Form and a single membership fee is due on its completion. Following receipt of the current fee, the proposal will be fowarded for ratification at the next Guild business meeting.

Members are requested to update their Membership Details to help the administration of annual claims for Gift Aid, Registration for Guild Insurance and communication of Guild and Branch activities. A Membership Details Update Form should be submitted to the Branch Secretary as soon as practicable following any change.

NRLM members transferred under Rule 2c may already be listed under their Branch but are asked to complete a Membership Details Update Form so that the Guild can keep in touch.

Information for Branch Treasurers/Secretaries

To enable us to comply with HM Revenue & Customs (audit of Gift Aid), each member will need a unique membership number. The following system should therefore be used:

[Branch ID letter]/[YYYY]/[Receipt No.]

So the unique reference allocated to the 26th member to join Northern Branch in 2012 would be N/2012/26.

However, where a Branch Treasurer issues one receipt to a tower for several ringers, the Guild Treasurer will add a "Tower member number" (if this not been done by the Branch Treasurer) to create a unique member number. The member number would therefore be:

[Branch ID letter]/[YYYY]/[Receipt No.]-[Tower member No.]

So for example the unique reference allocated to the member who joined the†Northern Branch in 2012 would become N/2012/26-4. There is therefore no need for Branch Treasurers to start issuing individual receipts to every member.

Key to Branch ID letters

C = Central
E = Eastern
G = Guild (NRLM)
N = Northern
L = Elloe
S = Southern
W = West Lindsey