Quarter Peal report 2014


The number of quarter peals reported as rung within the Lincoln Diocesan Guild boundaries showed another small decrease on the previous year, at 404. Of these quarters over 140 were rung on Sundays (presumably for services) or for services on other days. 228 quarters were rung in 35 Central branch towers, 54 in 9 Northern branch towers, 48 in 9 West Lindsey, 42 in 20 Southern, 19 in 14 Eastern and 10 in 8 Elloe Deaneries towers and there were 3 on handbells. The towers with the most quarter peals this year were Lincoln St Mary-le-Wigford (56), Lincoln St Botolph (23 - more than doubling the total rung here since I started doing these reports in 1985), Potterhanworth (22) and Blankney (19). If these 4 towers are omitted the leading towers are Caistor (17), Elsham (17), Lincoln Cathedral (16) and Messingham (16). The leading towers in other branches are Eastern, Butterwick and Coningsby (3 each), Elloe Deaneries, Surfleet (3) and Southern, Irnham (5). Towers appearing for the first time for number of years are Benington (last seen in 1998 - this years was for a special event), Walesby (2002), Holbeach (2004, but still the tower with the most quarters), Crowland (2005) and Corby Glen and Uffington (2006).

As usual the most popular method was Plain Bob with 133 (Minimus to Caters). Then Cambridge Surprise (Minor and Major) and 24 Grandsire (Doubles to Caters). Thorold Arms Treble Place Major was rung as a new method. Double Norwich Surprise Minor, Centenary Treble Place Minor and Poppy Doubles were rung �first in the method� for all the ringers. The total number of quarters was made up of 133.5 Minor, 128.5 Doubles, 50 each Minimus and Major, 19 Triples, 8 Caters and 2 Royal. There were no twelve bell quarters.

This year I noted 13 people ringing their first quarters. They are Jordan Williams, Bob Panes, David Sewell, Laura Martin, Philip Ford, Matthew Cohu, Bethany Chapman, Joan Goss, Ron Ball, Melanie Williams, Lynda Whitehead, Caroline Beach and Helen Ainsworth. Ellie and Malcolm Sargeant rang their first on handbells. Well done all of you and may you ring many more! About 130 other firsts of one sort or another were also noted.

69 people shared the conducting with Christopher Woodcock calling most (144), Barry Peachey (34), Ian Till (24), Andrew Blacklock (21), Michael Stracey (16) and David Hibbert (10). 7 ladies called 13 quarters, Margaret Parker calling the most (4). Nobody claimed to have called their first quarter - where are our new conductors?

In 2014 there were 4 quarters rung for St George�s Day and 10 for Lincolnshire Day (1 Oct). A noughty quarter was rung in which all the ringers celebrated a birthday ending in 0 during 2014, and they all called part of the quarter! Quite a lot of quarters were rung during the year in memory of ringers who had died recently - are we training enough people to replace these?

There are a lot of anniversaries in 2015 so there are plenty of reasons to ring quarters, and ensure you inform the local people why the bells are being rung.

Michael Stracey