Quarter Peals Report 2008

Quarter Peal report 2008


2008 was another good year for quarter peals in the Lincoln Guild area, in fact more were rung than in any previous year since I started these reports in 1985. I have found reports of quarters in the Ringing World, Central Branch Newsletter, on Campanophile and some Branch websites. 591 quarters have been recorded, 11 more than last year. Over 250 were rung on Sundays, or for services on other days. 6 were rung on handbells (from Minimus to Royal). 197 were rung in the Central Branch at 36 different towers, 136 in 15 Northern Branch towers, 95 in 28 in the Eastern Branch, 88 in 30 in the Southern, 65 in 19 in West Lindsey and 10 in 7 Elloe Deaneries towers. 32 were rung by visiting ringers. One new tower appeared this year, Langton by Spilsby, following restoration. The first was recorded on the augmented bells at Barrow and at Boothby Pagnell on the 5 bells transferred from Aisthorpe. The leading towers this year are Elsham (32 quarters), Grasby (28), Barrow on Humber (26) and Market Deeping (24). Two towers appeared for the first for a number of years, Yarburgh which last had a quarter in 1999 and Great Ponton in 2000.

As you would expect the most popular method was Plain Bob with 219 (Minimus to Cinques), then Grandsire 55 (Doubles to Cinques) and Cambridge Surprise 41 (Minor to Maximus). A total of 69 individual methods were rung as well as 135 in more than one method (up to 18 Minor methods in one). 231 of the quarters were of Doubles, 161 Minor, 107 Major, 27 Triples, 15 Cinques, 14 Royal, 12 Caters, 8 Singles and 5 Maximus. 11 previously unnamed methods were rung and 10 others were new to most of the band.

I have noted the following ringers as having rung their first quarters: Nick Jeins, Siobhan Rattigan, Andrew Higginson, Hannah Guggiari, Aiden MacQueen, David Hutchinson, Lexie Brown, Alexander Hibbert, R E Hill, George West, Bob Harrison, Jo Shamma, Sue Dmochowski, Chris Harland, Jean Williams, Daniel Young, Willy Turner, Andy Hallam, Kayleigh Holland, Michael Ross, Thomas Evans, Jan Riley, Mary Rushmere, Jenny Porter, Helen Burberry and Marisa Raisborough. Well done all of you, may you go on to ring many more. 221 other firsts for various things were also noted.

97 different people called at least one quarter. Paul Meyer heads the list with 66, then Christopher Woodcock 59, Rt Rev Barry Peachey 54, and Michael Stracey 53. 28 ladies did some conducting with Emma Southerington leading the way 17 times and Heather Peachey 11. Jennifer Murch, B G Harris, Jennifer Harvey, Sarah Webster, Amanda Pues, Sue Scotter, Paul Wilkinson and Gemma Evans all called their first, may you all call many more.

4 different branches had quarter peal weeks or months which accounted for 96 of the quarters, so if your branch arranges one of these make sure you let the committee know that you would like to ring in one. Lincolnshire Day, October 1st, 6 quarters were rung, can we try to fit in a few more this year!

Happy ringing to all of you, and get ringing quarters as they are the best form of practice with no interruptions.

Michael Stracey