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About this Website

During the Mastership of Geoff Parker a website entitled ‘Lincoln Diocesan Guild’ appeared.   There had been no consultation at all, and the website consisted almost entirely of a download of the Annual Report. Concerns were expressed to Geoff about this website and we asked for some alterations (without success), and all Geoff could arrange was the insertion of a page giving amendments to Tower Correspondents. On my own personal website, with the help of Graham Jackson. I included a News page and pages giving details of all the Towers with bells hung full circle in the Diocese.

Sadly Geoff died in 2001. His successor, Keith Buckingham was very keen to establish a replacement web site and with Graham’s help I started putting together my ideas as to how the website should appear with emphasis on ease of navigation. Aidan had also voiced his concerns about the original website and said he was willing to help but he was taken ill before he was able to contribute to any extent. I had been in touch with the Central Council with a view to that body taking over my Bell Recordings website.   As a result Peter Trotman agreed to help me with the preparation of the new LDG web site, and it is his expertise, coupled with the earlier work of Graham Jackson, which is responsible for the current LDG web site. Both readily and good humouredly interpreted my ideas, as has Aidan more recently.

The website became ‘official’, with Aidan as Webmaster, in February 2007 and I have continued to assist him by acting as unofficial Website Manager. We have received many compliments on its ease of navigation and content.  



The Master at the time, Keith N Buckingham, wrote on 11/11/2004 "the [Guild] Committee have asked me to progress things as I see fit - having encouraged the Branch Secs to make sure information relevant to their Branch is up to date ... and that having [a Guild domain name] ldgcb.org.uk, was welcomed by the Committee...". This, and subsequent emailed encouragement, strongly influenced subsequent work by John R Ketteringham and myself. Keith died tragically in July 2007. The site would not have progressed so successfully without his support, so this is recorded here in his memory. A tribute to Keith appears here.



In 2008 Sandra Underwood (then Sandra Rhodes) took over from Aidan as webmaster. She continued in this position until January 2010 when the present webmaster, Mr. Jonathan Clark, took over the roll. Mr. John Kettingham continued to take an active interest in the website until his death in December 2015. Aidan stood down as server manager in July 2015 and was replaced by Richard Stanworth. The site is hosted on the Oxford Diocesan Guild server.


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