West Lindsey Branch Barn Dance - Saturday 16th July 2011

Once again, Upton Cum Kexby village hall, near Gainsborough was full of life for the evening, with music from a band called The Riverhead Ranters. If you�ve never been to a barn dance before, don�t let it put you off, it�s fun and doesn�t matter whether you can dance or not, as it all gets explained as you go along.

The Riverhead Ranters

Bell ringers, their partners and friends came along to enjoy the evening, which started quietly, allowing people to chat and have a drink. Then we were gently coaxed into our first dance. Ten minutes later we were all slightly warm and were given a short break before doing our second dance.

Soon the delicious food came out and we tucked in, savouring the tastiness. Then came the desserts, yummy! After our food came a gentle dance, I don�t think people wanted to be jumping around straight after eating. The raffle was drawn while we were finishing our food, lot�s of nice prizes.

The Prizes
More Dancing

A few more dances later (and drinks!) we did a more complicated dance with a bit in it called "baskets", which involved spinning around. Made me really dizzy, but had fun doing it. Soon after this dance I realised my "taxi" was waiting, so homeward bound I went. I got the feeling there was going to be another dance before calling it a night.

The Caller

I think this was a great evening, just lately I�ve been to Guild social events three Saturdays on the trot (2 barbeques and a barn dance) and enjoyed them all.

Many thanks go to Sue Faull for organising it, those who provided the food, those who supplied the raffle prizes, The Riverhead Ranters and everyone who supported it.

Sue Waterfall