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Details are given below of ringing at towers in the City of Lincoln containing bells hung for full circle ringing. For details of ringing in the rest of the diocese please see
Bellringing in Lincolnshire towers A-K and Bellringing in Lincolnshire towers L-Z

Map of the City of Lincoln

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St Giles Cathedral St Mary St Peter St Botolph Map of Lincoln

Images reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and
Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.

Tower details

There are five churches within the city of Lincoln with bells hung for full circle ringing. Most are in good order, but ringing is limited/restricted at St Peter-at-Gowts due to on going tower issues.

The letter T indicates that there is a toilet either in the church or close by. CP indicates a car park adjacent or nearby for Church users.

Practice nights are subject to change, particularly in the holiday season. Please check with the Tower Correspondent before making a special journey, and see note at foot of this page.

The Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary (T) has a ring of 12 bells (plus flat 6th) with a tenor weighing 23 cwt 3 qrs 13 lbs in D. (Bells 2 to 9 including flat 6th form the Richardson Eight (named after Rupert Richardson, a former Guild Master), tenor 10-1-7 in G).

Tower Contact :

Sunday Ringing :1030 - 1115��and� 1515 - 1545
Practice Night : Thursday 1930 - 2100 (Meet as for Sundays)

Note: Very long climb (127 steps) - not recommended for ringers with heart conditions. Meet by door of the Ringers' Chapel (SW corner of the West front) no later than�15 minutes before ringing is due to commence. The door is then locked and latecomers risk being disappointed.

For an account of the long history of bells here see Ketteringham, JR: Lincoln Cathedral : A History of the Bells, Bellringers and Bellringing (2000)

St Botolph (T) has a ring of 6 bells with a tenor weighing 9 cwt 2 qrs 2 lbs in Ab

Tower Contact :

Website : http://lucsbr.weebly.com

Sunday Ringing : 1st Sunday (before service) 10.20 - 11.00am
  3rd Sunday (after service) 12.10 - 12.45pm
  (both during University term time)
Practice Night : Friday 1945 - 2100 (During University term time)
Access : Metal ladder from base of tower porch up through a trap door into ringing chamber.

St Giles (T,CP) has a ring of 8 bells with a tenor weighing 18 cwt 2 lbs in E

Tower Contact :

Sunday Ringing : 0920 - 1000

Practice Night :� Monday 1930 - 2100

St Peter-at-Arches No longer exists. It was demolished in the early 20th century to make way for urban development.

Most of the fixtures and fitting from St Peter-at-Arches (including the bells and the organ) were removed and placed in the church of St. Giles Lincoln.

Felstead Peal records do however exist for the original St. Peter-at-Arches church.

St Mary le Wigford (T) has a ring of 4 bells with a tenor weighing 6 cwt 1 qr 7 lbs in A

Tower Contact :

Website : http://lucsbr.weebly.com

Sunday Ringing : By arrangement for Special & Civic Services
Practice Night : Friday 1815 - 1930 (During University term time)
  (followed by Practice at St Botolph�s 1945 - 2100)

St Peter-at-Gowts (T) has a ring of 6 bells with a tenor weighing 8 cwt 3 lbs in A

(NOTE: Only LIMITED ringing allowed at present - Ringing restricted to special services/occasions,
by arrangement only. NO Peals or Visitors allowed at present! Limited ringing resumed February 2012)

Tower Contact :

Website : http://lucsbr.weebly.com

Sunday Ringing :�Only limited ringing allowed; special services only - by arrangement

Practice Night :�Only limited ringing allowed

St Peter-at-Gowts

Full details of these bells can be found in : Ketteringham, J R Lincolnshire Bells and Bellfounders (2000)

The Chedburgh Campanile: Lincoln also has a mini-ring of eight ceramic bells (tenor 2 lbs 7 oz in C), which are installed in a private house. If you would like to visit please email the
Chedburgh Campanile

Calling all Lincoln University/College Ringers & Students!

The Lincoln University and Colleges Society of Bell Ringers (LUCSBR) hold a regular Practice Night every Friday evening starting at St. Mary-le-Wigford Church (which is located on the High Street next to the Railway Station/Crossing) between 6.15 - 7.30pm and then move on to St. Botolph�s Church (which is located at the far/southern end of the High Street by St Catherine�s roundabout/the South Common) between 7.45 - 9.00pm, both during University term time.

St. Mary-le-Wigford (4 bells, 6cwt) is just a 5 - 10 minute walk from the University and the bells are easy to handle and ring.

St. Botolph�s (6 bells, 9cwt) is approx a 20 - 25 minute walk from the University and the bells are a pleasant sounding ring.

The Practice Nights are run by Chris Woodcock who can be contacted on . Everyone is Welcome whatever your ability, whether you are a ringer or a non ringer - We are more than happy to teach new recruits! The Practices are relaxed, friendly and informal and suit/cover all abilities.

(N.B. The Church doors at St. Mary-le-Wigford's & St. Botolph�s are locked once ringing starts). Please have a look at our website and come along and make yourself known. We don't bite but we do have a lot of fun!!!

Visitors to Lincoln

Visitors are also invited to contact the , who will have the latest details of ringing at any of the other towers in the City.

Please get in touch if you wish to join any of the local practices - we can assure you that there will be a warm welcome here - regardless of your ringing ability.