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P Ian Till

Ian was elected Honorary Life Member at the Guild AGM on Saturday 24th April 2021, for his many services to ringing at Tower, Branch and Guild level - Webmaster

Ian has made an enormous contribution to ringing in Lincolnshire and the West Lindsey Branch is delighted to nominate him to become an Honorary Life Member of the Guild.

Ian was taught to ring by his father at All Saints, Upton in the late 1960s. He has been ringing ever since. He doesn't keep peal records (which is typical of his modesty,) however PealBase shows that he rang his 1st peal in 1972 and conducted his first in 1973. He is a very accomplished ringer, having rung and conducted many peals of multi method minor (up to 105m) in his 20s and 30s. To date he has rung 264 peals of which he has conducted 95. He is also a good handbell ringer, having run 26 peals in hand (7 as cond) Ian's priorities mean that the teaching of ringing, supporting local bands and developing ringers through quarter peals has taken precedent over peal ringing in recent years. Nevertheless he has taken part in 46 peals with first pealers.

As well as being an excellent ringer, Ian is very loyal and dedicated - which has been shown in his exemplary contributions at local tower, branch and Guild level.

Ian has been the Tower Captain for many years of one of the most successful towers in the Guild. Messingham ringers have been the winners of the John Freeman Cup on many occasions, demonstrating his commitment to excellent striking. He has kept a thriving band of all abilities through his commitment to teaching and recruitment. His loyalty to his home tower has meant that he is now Church Warden and has led a large project for the upkeep of the church, having secured a substantial HLF grant.

At Branch level, Ian has taken the role of Ringing Master on a number of occasions, totalling nearly a decade. It is difficult to remember a branch meeting where he and Joy have been absent, and he has been there to give support to every branch RM. He is a leading light in the various education and training activities of the branch. He currently is Branch President, which is indicative of the high regard in which he is held. Additionally, Ian has a great knowledge of all the engineering aspects of bells and has spent much time in helping to maintain the bells in the branch, or giving advice.

At Guild level, Ian has been a branch rep on the Guild committee and was a leader of one of the working parties when changes were being made to Guild structures. However, his most important contribution has been to the organisation, training, support and transporting of the Young Ringers' Poachers team taking part in the RWNYC over the past 10 years. The young ringers have had the benefit of his calm and knowledgeable approach. This has been a big commitment each year - both in terms of time and money. A school teacher by profession, Ian has a great relationship with youngsters and has been an organiser and supporter of branch and Guild events for young ringers. The branch won a national prize in 2008 for its work with young ringers.

Also at Guild level, he was one of the main drivers of the project to purchase the Guild Sixbel and Wombel simulators, and has been enthusiastic in promoting their use around the Guild, again giving much of his time. His engineering skills have been invaluable in their maintenance. He has been involved in a number of Guild "train the trainers" initiatives and has been an accredited member of ART since its very early days.

Ian's contribution to the Branch and Guild has been exemplary and he is a worthy addition to the Guild's Honorary Life Members.

Sue Faull