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Joint Statement from Guild Treasurer and Guild Membership Secretary

As a gesture of goodwill the Guild Committee passed the following resolution at a recent meeting

"The Subscription for existing members of the Lincoln Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers for the year 2021 shall be zero. Notwithstanding members may wish to make a voluntary donation in lieu of their subscription. This does not apply to new members who shall be required to pay a subscription at current (2020) rates for 2021"

For any of those members who do wish to make a voluntary donation in lieu of their subscription, please contact the Membership Secretary Jenny Bennett via email ()

She will issue a personalised electronic form by email from January 2021. The form will allow you to specify the amount of your donation to go to the Guild, and Bell Repair Fund, if you so wish.

Ideally payments should be made by bank transfer to the Guild Bank Account quoting your membership number, as shown on your form

Please email a copy of the completed form back to the Membership Secretary and Guild Treasurer Barbara Rand () so that the donation can be identified and Gift Aid claimed where appropriate.

Thank you

Chris Turner
Barbara Rand and Jenny Bennett