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Rule Changes

Please be aware that there are some rule changes to be voted on at the Guild AGM on the 28th April. Most of them can be found here. However there is an additional one that has just come in. The rule change relates to deleting some text in the section on Finance and is outlined below, showing the existing rules with the text to be deleted struck out and highlighted in RED. Please take note of these changes, so that you can vote on them at the AGM.

  1. Finance
    1. The Membership Secretary shall be responsible for the collection of subscriptions from all Associate, Ringing and Non-Resident Members; all monies collected to be forwarded to the Guild Treasurer.
    2. The Treasurer shall apportion the subscription income to cover the following items of expenditure:-
      1. Expenses of Guild Meetings
      2. The cost of printing the Annual Report
      3. Guild Insurance
      4. Postages, stationery and incidental expenditure
      5. The fees due to the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers
      6. The expenses of the representatives on the Central Council
      7. The cost of advertisements in "The Ringing World"
      8. Any additional sum to maintain a Guild Fund as decided by the Guild Committee
      9. A contribution, being not more than 10% of the subscription, to a restricted Guild Training Fund
      10. Branch administration expenses
      11. A donation, being not more than 50% of the subscription, to the Guild Bell Repair Fund

Helen Brotherton - Guild Secretary