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A Code of Conduct for the Lincoln Diocesan Guild

Following feedback received on the previous version of the "Code of Conduct", the Guild Committee has agreed a slight amendment to the original draft which ensures that members of an appeals panel will not include anyone from the Branch to which the member in question is affiliated. This amendment is now reflected in the draft document which can be found here

A draft Code of Conduct will be presented to the AGM in April. We hope the Guild will agree its implementation and embrace it as a statement of the Guild’s values. It will also be a means of protecting everyone of us. To view the draft Code of Conduct, click here.

You may well ask after so many years why do we need this?

Firstly the standards it espouses are those almost all of us will recognise as both reasonable and in fact what is currently the case. At the moment however those standards are unwritten.

Secondly we live in a far more regulated world and It follows that the Guild must accommodate itself in such an environment to protect the interests of all.

Thirdly the development of social media through the internet has fundamentally changed the nature of communication and how we all interact. This Code of Conduct is a basic response to this new world order.

Chris Turner (Master)
Chris Sharp (Author of Code)