Website Down - 27th/28th September

Please be aware that the Guild Website will be down for scheduled maintenance as detailed below.

Maintenance Start: 09:00 27th September 2017
Maintenance End: 17:00 28th September 2017

Reason for Maintenance:

The operating system on the server is to be upgraded to the latest release (7.4) as the current release (5.11) is no longer supported. As part of this upgrade most of the installed packages will also be updated

This will require all access to the server to be disabled until the upgrade has been completed


The Guild server will be unavailable during this maintenance period. There will be no access to websites or mailboxes hosted by the server. There will be no forwarding of emails sent to generic email addresses

Emails will be queued and released once the upgrade is complete

The Webmaster on behalf of Richard Stanworth (ODG Server Manager)