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Cathedral Tower Evacuated - May 15th

The Cathedral Ringers were somewhat perturbed on Sunday morning to have their touch of Little Bob interrupted by the fire alarms going off. It's a long way down to the assembly point on the grass at the west front of the Cathedral. Once there they waited until the Fire Brigade turned up to investigate the incident.

The fire engines turn up

Happily it proved to be a false alarm. It appears that during a procession to the font, which is next to the Cathedral shop, the Thurifer (who's job it is to generate a lot of smoke) had inadvertently wafted some smoke into the shop where the smoke alarms (which were isolated in the rest of the Cathedral) were fully functional.

In a remarkable coincidence the presiding celebrant, Chancellor Mark Hocknell, had just reached the part in the closing prayers where he reads "May the Spirit who set the Church on fire upon the Day of Pentecost.....", the irony of which was not lost on the congregation.

Oh! And the culprit responsible for this mishap? Well recently retired Guild Secretary and Cathedral ringer Sandra Underwood managed to snap a picture of the offender. You might recognise him!

The Culprit!

Yes it was me. As well as Guild webmaster I am also a Cathedral server and was on duty as Thurifer that morning. I think I might be in for a bit of stick!

Jonathan Clark