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News from Grimsby

For the first time in a significant period, all ten bells at Grimsby Minster have been rung by a band of local ringers. On Wednesday 18th May 2016, ringers of Grimsby Minster were asked if the bells could be recorded to played on Compass FM on 3rd June 2016 to mark the celebrations of North East Lincolnshire day.

The practice night was combined with new learners, who gained experience on ringing larger numbers of bells, along with the more experienced ringers who had the chance to develop skills in ringing larger numbers of bells. The evening started with rounds on 10 bells for the recording, which was not only a first for a long time from local ringers, the striking was considerably good. Following on with some method ringing on the back 8 was enjoyed by all.

I would like to thank the local band and supporting towers in their perseverance through what has been a hard time, and would openly extend a warm welcome to any ringer that wished to attend. We continue to develop our ringers at the Minster, and with the support, perseverance and valuable time given by its members, we continue to develop the ringing back at Grimsby. As mentioned before, any ringer will be welcome. At present we ring every other Wednesday (alternating with Waltham) from 7:30pm. Your continued support is as always fully appreciated.

John Cade, Tower Captain Grimsby Minster