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John R. Ketteringham's Birthday Reunion 2010

John R. Ketteringham's Birthday Reunion 2010

And so it was that time of year again, the end of October, and ringers from all over the country were gathering in Lincolnshire on Saturday 23rd October to celebrate John Ketteringham's 81st birthday. It did not feel that long ago that many of us were gathered here to celebrate John's 80th birthday, however a year had passed, invites had been sent out and the peals lined up!

It was decided this year that there would be three simultaneous peal attempts of Major. There were two peal attempts of Lincolnshire Surprise Major one at St John's Washingborough and the other at All Saints Harmston and a peal attempt of Double Norwich Court Bob Major at St Giles Lincoln. I am happy to say that all three peals were scored in fine style with some very good ringing and I am told that John did manage to get over to St Giles to listen to some of the ringing.

Of course as is usual we were all summonsed back to 27 Bunkers Hill Lincoln to John's home for the annual group photo which this year was nearly taken in the dark! Also as is usual John's wife Joan had put on a lovely spread and somehow kept all our cups full with tea and coffee, Thank you Joan! I am not sure how we managed to squeeze 24 ringers into the house, I know this was something John was worried about and had said on a few occasions beforehand that some may have to sit on the stairs, however enough space was found ... just!

There was much reminiscing during the evening and John very much enjoyed catching up with all his old friends. Apparently this year's reunion was centred around those ringers with whom John had rung peals with mainly in the 1960s, whilst he was down in London. I am told that ringers this year had travelled from as far afield as Somerset, Hampshire, and Lancashire to name just a few. Margaret Chapman from Marston Bigot had probably travelled the furthest and was delighted to add to her collection of mini-rings by ringing quarter peals at Woodside Branston and Chedburgh Lincoln before taking part in the peal at Harmston.

Last year we were told by John that there would be no more birthday peals but I don't think any of us believed him, and here we are again! This year I am told that the bells have been booked for next years peal so I suspect we will be doing this all over again!

Lincoln Diocesan Guild
Saturday 23rd October 2010 in 2 hrs 46
5056 Lincolnshire Surprise Major
Comp: J R Ketteringham (No 125A)

1. Christopher J Sharp (C)
2. Patricia A M Halls
3. Val A Andrews
4. Philip R Wild
5. Ken Warner
6. Barrie Hendry
7. Graham C Paul
8. James E Andrews
Lincoln Diocesan Guild
All Saints, HARMSTON, Lincs
Saturday 23rd October 2010 in 2 hrs 44
5152 Lincolnshire Surprise Major
Comp: R J Angrave

1. Margaret E L Chapman
2. William Butler
3. Martin Press
4. Nicholas D Soanes
5. Timothy G Pett
6. Christopher C P Woodcock (C)
7. Robert H Jordan
8. Andrew B Mills
Lincoln Diocesan Guild
St Giles, LINCOLN, Lincs
Saturday 23rd October 2010 in 3 hrs 4
5008 Double Norwich Court Bob Major
Comp: J R Ketteringham (No 43A)

1. Christopher J Pickford
2. Lawrence R H Smith
3. Anthony K Fortin
4. Ian Butters (C)
5. Christopher P Turner
6. Robert M Wood
7. Peter G Holden
8. Graham A Duke

The assembled ringers

Left to right : Bill Butler (Thatcham), Chris Woodcock (Potterhanworth), Tim Pett (Abingdon), Nick Soanes (Beverley), Lawrence Smith (Aylsham), Tony Fortin (Westbury), Ken Warner (Hursley), John Ketteringham (Birthday Boy), Ian Butters (Nottingham), Martin Press (Hursley), Jim Andrews (Westhoughton), Chris Sharp (Londonthorpe), Robert Wood (Hull), Val Andrews (Westhoughton), Chris Pickford (Kinver), Patricia Halls (Derby), Margaret Chapman (Marston Bigot), Peter Holden (Cirencester), Robert Jordan (Hessle), Andrew Mills (Shelford) and Ben Duke (St Albans).

Missing : Graham Paul (Towcester), Chris Turner (Stow), Barrie Hendry (Wedmore) and Phil Wild (Gedling). (Sadly Graham, Barrie & Phil were still trying to find somewhere to park when the photo was being taken!)

However this was not the end of John's birthday celebrations as on his actual birthday (Thursday 28th October) John had organised a quarter peal at St. Peter's Scotter with some of the ringers who ring in his Monday morning quarter peals. The conductor decided we would ring Ketteringham Surprise Minor (what else!) and John rang the treble. A very good quarter was scored in an interesting and different method to say the least, being first blows in the method for all the band!

Lincoln Diocesan Guild
St Peter, SCOTTER, Lincs
Thursday 28th October 2010 in 44 mins
1320 Ketteringham Surprise Minor

1. John R Ketteringham
2. Fiona M Dawson
3. David Fox
4. Janet M Clarke
5. Robert H Jordan
6. Christopher C P Woodcock (C)

The 1/4 peal band
Left to right back : David Fox, Chris Woodcock, Robert Jordan.
Left to right front : Fiona Dawson, John Ketteringham, Janet Clarke.