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Belfry News September 2018

The Ka of Number Two

We rang half muffled for David's funeral, something I am sure he would have liked, not to indicate sadness, but rather because he appreciated the sound, the open followed by the echo which is popular with many listeners. Later I was approached by Anthony, always keen to ring a Friday quarter peal, "Could we have Gedney for a quarter on Friday, August 24th", he asked. "Yes, with Adrians permission", I answered, "and furthermore we will ring it half muffled as a tribute to the life and work of David Sizer". Permission granted we assembled, 7.15 pm on the appointed evening.

St Mary Magdalene is in the daytime, a lovely,open, light and friendly church, but as the daylight fades it assumes something different, perhaps just a little eerie, the shadows, darkness and the odd sound. Do I believe in ghosts? I am not, dear readers, going to answer that one, but while we were ringing the quarter peal someone apparently entered the church and there was a sound of voices in conversation. I didnt hear this but Val Wild, ringing No 2 did, enquiring when we finished, "Did someone come into the church while we were ringing-I could hear talking" "No", I answered, "I didnt see anyone", which I would have done as, while we were ringing I had a direct view of the south door and knave from the mezzanine. "How strange," I continued, "During last winter Angela, again ringing No 2 had a similar experience, the majority of the church in darkness. She was adament that she heard voices."

Last sunday I mentioned this to Rector Adrian. With a mischievous smile he said "Perhaps they were the spirits of old ringers, come to have a critical look at what you were ringing". " Well in that case I hope they approved", I answered, "the striking was excellent." Was, therefore, the conversation the Ka, or spirit of some long gone ringer, absorbed by No 2, or was it a strange quirk of the acoustics in our tower? The answer to that, my friends I will leave to your imaginations.

John Bennett