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Central Branch Meeting at Rauceby & Fulbeck
Saturday 8th February 2014

I have never rung at Rauceby before (technically North Rauceby). It is nearly the most southerly tower in the Central Branch, beaten only by Claypole and Sleaford. It is a pleasent ring of 5 bells up the heavier end of the spectrum (13-2-21) and we rung a variety of Methods including Rauceby Doubles.

Ringing at Rauceby
Ringing at Rauceby

It was then but a short hop down to Fulbeck, where I have rung before. This is a medium weight ring of 6 (11-2-3), where there was yet more ringing, including Cambridge and Single Oxford.

There was a short break in the ringing while a business meeting took place, the salient points being as follows.

  1. John Carr's funeral will be held at Nettleham on Tuesday 18th February at 14:00 at Nettleham. The Midweek Ringing will be re-scheduled for the morning, so that the ringers will be able to attend.
  2. Margaret Parker is standing down as the editor of the Central Branch Newsletter. Gill Gladman of Nettleham will be taking over this role.

Ringing at Fulbeck
Ringing at Fulbeck

Ringing continued until 16:15 when the bells were rung down and the members made their way home.

Jonathan Clark (Webmaster)