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Central meeting at Heckington
13th August 2016

St Andrew, Heckington

I had visitors in the afternoon, so I was a little late arriving at Heckington on Saturday 13th August. Since it was quite a nice day I used my old Honda motorcycle to make the journey.

On arriving things were silent, but on entering the church, I found a familiar group of ringers sitting around chatting and drinking tea and coffee and eating cake. So a standard ringers meeting then. Then the bells started ringing so obviously I had arrived during a lull in the proceedings.

Tea, coffee and more importantly CAKE!

Since I'm partial to a bit of cake myself, I got a slice and a coffee and sat and socailised for a while before I made my way up the stairs to the ringing room. On my way up I ran into the back of a couple of Washingborough ringers you might recognise who were on the stairs waiting to go in.

Look who I found on the stairs

It was busy in the ringing room and also quite warm, so I went out onto the balcony initially which is quite high up and gives some stunning views down the nave.

View down the nave from the balcony

Once things had settled down a bit, I did some ringing. We rang a variety of methods from Plain Bob up to half a course of Cambridge, plus some rounds and call changes.

Ringing in progress

The ringing eventually concluded and we went down the tower for a very short business meeting. In fact there was no business to discuss, so it was very short.

Jonathan Clark (webmaster)