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Central ringing at the Cathedral for Evensong
14th August 2016

I arrived at Lincoln Cathedral with one of my young ringers (Bridget), shortly before 2:15pm. We found a group of us outside in the foyer. Shortly, the Cathedral Ringing Master, Jeremy Wheeldon, arrived and opened up the door to the Ringers' Chapel

Les Townsend beats Bridget in the Central Branch
"Pointing at things" contest in the Ringers' Chapel

We sat and waited in the Ringers' Chapel, while some more ringers turned up. The Ringers' Chapel is the only one in the country.

Once we had accumulated sufficient ringers we made our way up the tower. There was a roof tour in progress and I managed to quickly sneak out onto Banks's View and snap a picture.

Banks's View

Once in the ringing room, Richard Spencer took charge of the ringing, which ranged from rounds on 12 to a not entirely successful half course of Camdridge Royal. There was also Little Bob Maximus and Grandsire Caters and Cinques.

Ringing at the Cathedral
Ringing at the Cathedral

Once we had finished ringing we went out onto the roof to look at the views over West Lincolnshire, before decending to the ground floor.

Up on the Roof!
Exchequergate Arch & the Castle

Once outside a group of us invaded "The Ice Cream Parlour" opposite the White Hart for some indulgence. Once we were gorged on such delights as salted caramel and chocolate ice cream, we made our way home.

Queuing for Ice Cream
The Ringers indulge themselves

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