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Amanda Pues Engagement

Miss Amanda Pues and Mr. Matthew Crombie - Engagement

Yes! Lincoln's tiniest tower captain has got engaged. On the 22nd October 2010, Miss Amanda Pues (Tower Captain - St. Michael's, Waddington) and Mr. Matthew Crombie (Scout Leader Extraordinaire!) announced their engagement.

Well.... They sort of announced their engagement. The thing is that up until about 8:00pm on the evening of the 22nd October, Miss Pues had not got the slightest idea that she was about to become engaged. Nearly everyone else knew and were waiting in hiding at the Working Men's Club on Monks Road.

Apparently Amanda was entirely convinced that she was going to a 60's revival evening with her boyfriend (Mat) and was blissfully unaware that she was in fact going to nothing of the sort. So it came as a bit of a surprise when she walked into the room and was greeted by this

Several of her closest friends, and not to mention her Mother, Father and Brother were standing in a loose semi-circle each wearing a single letter that when arranged in the correct order read "WILL YOU MARRY ME"

While Amanda was lost for words (it doesn't happen very often!) Mat most properly went down on one knee and "popped the question". Amanda somehow managed to find her voice again and gave the answer "YES!" There then came a tremendous cheer from the assembled multitude and once that had died down Mat produced the ring which he slipped onto the appropriate finger. And the ring fitted perfectly! Now how did he manage that? If I'd tried that (to get a ring without the other person knowing), it would have been several sizes too big or too small. Mr. Crombie I take my hat off to you!!! (or at least I would if I had one!)

The happy couple!

I first met Mat Crombie on Saturday 6th June 2009 at Rutland Water. Amanda was on a training walk with her friend Julie for an epic fundraiser and Mat and I had gone along to help out. My only clear memory of the weekend was that Amanda tried to kill me by walking me to death and Mat had to rescue me. So I got spend a fair amount of time with Amanda's fiance to be and a nicer bloke you couldn't hope to meet. I can't be sure, but I think this may have been the start of Mat's and Amanda's relationship, although they had of course known each other for many years prior to this, due to their close association with the Scouts. Certainly a short while afterwards it became evident that Mat and Amanda had become more than "just friends", so when Mat phoned me one evening to tell me of the "surprise" engagement party, I wasn't all that surprised.

One very happy Amanda!
Amanda & Mat

So what of marriage I hear you ask. Well it's a bit soon yet, but I have had some murmurs that the official "tieing of the knot" may take place around the middle of next year.

And will there be bells? Oh! Yes! You can count on it!

Jonathan Clark