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Progress Report to Guild Membership - Oct 2021

Following approval at the Guild AGM, in April 2021, the workgroup, headed by Membership Secretary, Jenny Bennett, have met regularly to discuss the implementation of the online record of Guild members. We would now like to update you on the progress so far and ask you all to do one simple thing - see below.

The chosen software provider is 'Membermojo' - which is also used by the Surrey Association.

The system provides basic headings, relating to each member, such as name and address etc., which are mandatory, and the Guild can add in optional headings, such as the tower you ring at.

The paper application/amendment form, which will still need to be completed, contains all the essential information for the basic headings to create the online member record.

Currently all information from the paper application/amendment forms, is recorded in a spreadsheet, under the control of the Membership Secretary. The Membership Secretary will upload the spreadsheet to the online system in due course. Individual members will not need to do anything to facilitate this particular part of the process!

Once the spreadsheet has been uploaded the system will go 'live' and then members will be invited to review their record and amend/add information. This is likely to happen in January 2022.

Any alteration you make to your record will, automatically, be notified to the system administrators (currently Membership Secretary and Guild Treasurer).

The entry into the system will be by using your email address. Your email address is therefore a critical part of this process.

In preparation for the launch of the system, in January 2022, please advise the Membership Secretary, as soon as possible, if your email address has changed since you submitted your paper form. This is the simple thing referred to in the opening paragraph.

For members without an email address, or access to a computer, please ask your tower captain, or A N other person, to be your point of contact, and advise the Membership Secretary of this person's email address and your name.

Further instructions and guidelines to help in the process will be issued in due course.

Jenny & Barbara, on behalf of the workgroup.

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Guild Treasurer email: