Sitemap info

Website Down - 3rd March 2019

Please be aware that the Guild Website will be down for scheduled maintenance as detailed below.

Maintenance Start: 22:00 3rd March 2019
Maintenance End: 00:00 4th March 2019
Duration: 2 hours

Reason for Maintenance:

The Web service EasyApache3 is no longer supported and must be upgraded. Several other packages required for the new (Oxford DG) Guild website need to be updated before it can go live.


During this maintenance period -

The forwarding of emails sent to generic email addresses will be unaffected
Mailboxes hosted on the server will be unaffected

All websites hosted by the server will be unavailable
Redirection via the Guild server to websites hosted elsewhere will not work
The migration process will attempt to convert all website profiles to EasyApache4. If any website cannot be migrated then I (Richard Stanworth) will work with the webmaster to resolve any issues.

Translation into English

There is a small chance that this could break the LDGCB website as the Apache upgrade also means an upgrade to PHP which is basically what the entire site is written in. If we are relying on an old version of PHP, the encoding rules might not work. I've had a look at it and everything looks OK, but we won't know for sure until the upgrade is complete. - (Jonathan Clark - Webmaster)

The Webmaster on behalf of Richard Stanworth (ODG Server Manager)