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Browser Compatibility Issues - Menus Fixed

Internet Explorer 9 - None functioning menus

Well the webmaster has been on a bit of a roll and has (hopefully) fixed the menu system. At least I think I have fixed it! There are some issues described below.

  • Some pages do not work, due to having the wrong include file for the page top. I will attempt to find these "rogue" pages and fix them, but if I miss any please let me know.

  • Some pages have the drop down menu texts in different colours (like this page.. I left it alone so you can see what I mean). This is due to some pages having unneccessary inline style sheets. These will be a bit tricker to track down, so again if you find any of these, let me know.

    Even though you can now use the menus again in Internet Explorer, it doesn't mean you have to. Go On!! Try a new browser. Recommended browsers are Firefox and Google Chrome.