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National Youth Contest, 6th July 2019

After an early start (and a three-hour train journey!) our team (The Lincolnshire Poachers) arrived in Liverpool for the Ringing World National Youth Contest. We made a beeline for the competition tower, St Francis Xavier where we would be ringing an hour later.

The Lincolnshire Poachers

After ringing our test piece, the first ring of the day for many of us, we headed to The Church of Our Lady and St. Nicholas, Pier Head, a 12-bell tower. There was a mini-ring just outside the church and so we also spent a large amount of time there, including some of us trying to ring two bells at once! Then we headed to St Michaels, Garston for the last ring of the day. This was a pleasant 8 bell tower and after ringing here we hurriedly made our way back to Pier Head (involving a late bus and a very kind fellow ringer with a car!) for the results.

Rear view
The team from left to right:
9 Eleanor Cooley (reserve), 8 Will Carter, 7 Alex Bell,
6 Mandie Bell, 5 Elizabeth Cooley, 4 Ava Broomhead,
3 Ella Broomhead, 2 Lauren Brooke Miller, 1 Laura Watt (C),

Eventually we all arrived at Pier Head yet again, but this time for the results. This year the judges were trialling a piece of technology called HawkEar, which is not too dissimilar to a strike-o-meter. It was used in conjunction and confirmation of what the judges scored. In previous years the teams had been graded A*-C, but this year, in accordance with the new GCSE grades, scores ranged between 7 (A) and 2 (in-between an E and F grade). We very proudly came 15/24 with a grade 4 (C). Perhaps not as high as in recent years, but our team has laid a solid foundation on which we can build upon in time for next yearís competition (the location is yet to be announced).

On the Mini-ring outside The Church
of Our Lady and St. Nicholas, Pier Head
The Poachers receive their medals

A special thank you to Sue Faull, Ian and Joy Till, Melissa Blanchard and to all the other parents/supervisors for making this day out so enjoyable and worthwhile!

Laura Watt