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National Youth Contest 2013

We all came to York for the third contest for the Whitechapel trophy, this year 16 teams entered:

Team 1

Lichfield & Walsall

Team 2

Sussex Young Ringers

Team 3

St Martinís Youths

Team 4

Essex Young Eagles

Team 5

Les Beaux Belles

Team 6

The Blue Lines

Team 7

Derbyshire Dingers

Team 8

Vectis Youths

Team 9

The G. & B.

Team 10

Worcester Young Ringers

Team 11

Oxford D.G.

Team 12

Lincolnshire Poachers

Team 13

Suffolk Young Ringers

Team 14

Bath & Wells

Team 15

Yorkshire Puds

Team 16


There was a peal ringing during the day:

North Yorkshire
Cathedral & Metropolitical Church of St Peter
Saturday, 6 July 2013 in 3:56 (59-1-23)
5004 Stedman Cinques

Composed by Edward R Mack

1 Adam A Brady
2 Edward R Mack (C)
3 Heather M Forster
4 Katharine A Hill
5 Jonathan H Potter
6 Michael R Crockett
7 Simon Read
8 Daniel Jones
9 Michael J Pollard
10 Nicholas D Brown
11 Thomas J Waterson
12 Simon A Percy

Rung in connection with the Ringing World National Youth Contest, by a band aged 17 to 24.
First of Stedman as conductor.
First peal of Stedman: 9.
The conductor would like Tom Mack to be associated with this peal.

Well done to all who rang in the peal! Especially in that heat, it was one of the hottest places in England!

Iím sure I speak on behalf of all the people who were at York yesterday by saying a huge thank you to the Ringing World for putting on yet another great day for us, not just the contest itself but for the other ringing and treasure hunting as well.

The treasure hunt was won by 2 people from St Martinís Youths; the prize was four £15 Amazon vouchers, so "Well Done" to them. We found it hard to complete the treasure hunt because of the timing; none of us read the bottom of the sheet until 4pm! And we were running about trying to get the answers!

When we arrived at St Helens to register, we received a wristband which was red and said RWNYC 2013 on so we could get into the towers, everyone had them. The mini ring was out all day in St Helens and our team went to ring them at about 11:00am, and they were a bit of a challenge because they were so light.

Next we moved on to the hand bell workshop, a bit of plain hunt for a few of us then onto something a bit harder for those experienced on hand bells.

There was a bit of walking between St Lawrence and the other towers but no one minded, personally I thought it was a great idea to have all of the towers open most of the day, so youíre not pressured for time to ring at all of the towers in a particular order. We were free to ring when it suited us and where we were at the time.

The churches open during the day were:

St Lawrenceís bells were a challenge but I think every team worked really hard and did absolutely brilliant so well done to everyone who took part in the day to make it a great success, the judges commented about the 2 and 6 being a challenge.

McDonalds was certainly a popular place during the day as of its location being just a few steps away from St Helens, we probably kept them busy all day!, so busy they ran out of Mcflurrys!, so our team all had large cokeís or sprite with extra ice! The queue was spilling out the door-literally!

Which gave everyone a go; they rang rounds and call changes as well for anyone who couldnít ring either the focus method or what they were ringing at the time. Everyone had their prime ring and I didnít see one unhappy face throughout the whole day, everyone was smiling during the results especially those who won!

St Lawrence's York
The Creeper

The judges were Simon Linford, Helen Beaumont, David Leese, and Ryan Mills. Simon was head judge again but will be sadly missed next year as he is letting someone else do it.

During the results "The Creeper" was out doing his ghost trail which kept us all entertained during a serious moment!

Congratulations to Bedfordshire and the G & B on winning the call changes and methods category and look forward to seeing you all there again next year. They told us the date and venue for next yearís contest, 5th July 2014 at Worcester.

All in all my team decided that this year was better than last year, not just because there were more things to have a go at but we have become closer as a team and grown stronger as ringers.

By Ellie Sargeant - Lincolnshire poachers

Postscript by Jonathan Clark (webmaster)

Firstly Thank-You to Ellie for writing the report. It's nice to have someone else do the write up.

I wholeheartedly agree with Ellie. It was an excellent day and many thanks must go to the Ringing World organisers and the local ringers for laying on a superb day.

I have the results from the contest and I have included them below.

Call Changes category:



Grade (%)


Team 16: Bedfordshire

A (85%)


Team 7: Derbyshire Dingers

A (78%)


Team 2: Sussex Young Ringers



Team 4: Essex Young Eagles


Team 10: Worcester Young Ringers


Team 12: Lincolnshire Poachers



Team 6: The Blue Lines


Team 14: Bath & Wells



Team 1: Lichfield & Walsall



Team 3: St Martin's Youths


Team 5: Les Beaux Belles of South Lincolnshire



Team 8: Vectis Youths


Method category:





Team 9: The G. & B.



Team 11: Oxford D.G.



Team 13: Suffolk Young Ringers


Team 15: Yorkshire Puds


Jonathan Clark