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Lincolnshire Day - October 1st

Members of the Central Branch of the Lincoln Diocesan Guild with the help of a few friends celebrated Lincolnshire Day on October 1st. Where possible we all tried to wear something "yellow".

Ten ringers met at Grantham St Wulfram for a quarter peal of Lincolnshire Surprise Royal. This took 55 minutes and was very enjoyable with some good ringing on these glorious bells.

At the same time eight ringers went to Caythorpe St Vincent where they rang a good quarter peal of Lincolnshire Surprise Major in 44 minutes. Our thanks go to Philip Dawson who stood in at the last minute and agreed to ring the tenor.

We then all met at The Red Lion at Wellingore for an excellent pre arranged lunch and an hour to talk about the mornings ringing and what the afternoon might bring. At 2.00pm we left the pub and eight ringers went to Welbourn to ring a quarter peal of Lincolnshire Major at about half way there was a misunderstanding and the conductor stood the bells.

Six ringers went to Fulbeck where they rang a Quarter peal of Cambridge Surprise Minor as there is no Lincolnshire Surprise Minor. Our thanks go to Margaret Parker for being our reserve.

All the ringers and friends then met up at Welbourn for coffee and cakes and a good chat over the dayís events.

We had a Happy Lincolnshire Day!

Phil Mason.

Grantham, St Wulfram, 10 bells, 32cwt.
1282 Lincolnshire Surprise Royal
1 Dot Mason 6 David Fox
2 Beryl Reed 7 Philip Grover
3 Les Townsend 8 Alistair Cherry
4 Heather Grover 9 Peter Wakefield
5 Colin Reed 10 Phil Mason(C)

Caythorpe, St Vincent, 8 bells, 10cwt.
1282 Lincolnshire Surprise Major
1 Rose Hancock 5 John Nicholson
2 Sylvia Taylor 6 Neville Sharpe
3 Fiona Dawson 7 Michael Stracey(C)
4 Betty Stracey 8 Philip Dawson

Fulbeck St Nicholas, 6 bells, 11cwt.
1320 Cambridge Surprise Minor
1 Michael Stracey 4 Philip Grover
2 Heather Grover 5 Sue Waterfall
3 Neville Sharpe 6 Alistair Cherry(C)