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Ringing and Coronavirus - Some Guidance from the LDGCB

This guidance was formally issued by the Central Branch, but has now been adopted by the Guild as a whole

Branch Events

Given predictions that the worst of the outbreak is coming over the next 10-12 weeks; and growing uncertainty over travel restriction; public/group gatherings etc; it seems prudent in line with current need to restrict virus spread; consider putting Branch/Guild functions 'on hold'; certainly during April and probably also May. As far as the LDGCB is concerned it is up to towers and branches to decide what to do about their own ringing arrangements. Branch secretaries should let their members know what changes to normal ringing arrangements are happening within their branches. Any branch that is cancelling or otherwise re-arranging any of their practices due to the Coronavirus should contact the webmaster who will list the affected practices on the Coronavirus Impact Summary page.

Guild Events

It is likely that the Guild 10 bell practice at Ewerby on 28th March will be cancelled, but at the moment it is still going ahead.

A decision on the GUILD AGM at Lincoln on April 25th will be made in early April

Individual Towers

Unless government restrictions demand otherwise it is for tower captains and/or ringing arrangers to decide whether practice nights and/or Sunday ringing goes ahead or not. If ringing does go ahead, then we would urge tower captains etc to take whatever precautions or mitigation they consider appropriate to prevent virus spread - for example:-

Further government and medical advice is available on various websites; or social media.

If you have any worries or queries please see either the CofE, NHS, Government or CCCBR websites (below)

If you feel you have cancel your practice nights, please let the webmaster know so we can keep others informed via the Coronavirus Impact Summary page.

If we receive any updates or further information, we will publish it here.