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Central Branch Meeting at Potterhanworth & Nocton, 10th Aug 2013

The Central Branch members were making good use of the excellent weather this weekend for their meeting at Nocton and Potterhanworth. Upon arriving at Nocton, round about 2:45pm, Chris Woodcock was handing out two sheets of paper to the members. One of these was a sheet of instructions to navigate from Nocton to Potterhanworth over the fields, and the other was a Treasure Hunt sheet of things to be found during the walk.

A rare picture of the webmaster (and Chris Woodcock)
Walking over the fields to Potterhanworth

The members set off at their own pace, for a pleasent stroll over to Potterhanworth Church, where some ringing took place for about an hour on the light ring of 6. Ringing ranged from Rounds and Call Changes to Single Oxford Bob Minor.

Ringing at St. Andrew's, Potterhanworth

Round about 4:30pm we settled down in the church, for a short service, led by the Reverend Les Whitfield. The service followed the familar format from the green Guild service book. The organ was played by Les's wife, Jill Whitfield.

After the service, the members proceeded on the return journey to Nocton over the fields. Rather than returning to the church, we walked to Nocton Cricket Club, where a picnic style tea was being dispensed by Yvonne Woodcock from the Pavillion. It being such a lovely afternoon, the members sat outside on the picnic tables to eat their sandwiches and drink tea and coffee.

Some bright spark (Claire!) suggested we should have an Egg and Spoon race. A brief search of the Pavillion revealed a collection of spoons, but no eggs. However Yvonne Woodcock disappeared and returned with half a dozen substitute eggs, which looked suspiciously like golf balls. So we were ready for a "Golf Ball & Spoon" race. Claire having suggested it was unfortunately unable to compete due to having a broken toe. However 6 volunteers were found for the race which was won by the Guild Secretary, Sandra Underwood.

Picnic outside the Pavillion at Nocton
The "Egg" and Spoon Race

After consuming more tea & coffee and lots of Victoria sponge cake, we had the meeting. It was quite possibly the shortest meeting in the history of the branch, lasting no longer than 3 minutes.

After this, the members had another very pleasent stroll through the shade of the woodlands to Nocton church, where some more ringing took place. As well as Rounds & Call changes we rang a variety of methods including some London Surprise Minor. We also had a visit from Freddie James Crombie (4 months old) along with his mother Amanda, who is Waddington tower captain. The meeting finished at about 8:00pm.

Ringing at All Saints, Nocton

This was a very enjoyable meeting, and also very well attended, with a number of new faces from local towers, particularly Washingborough. Many thanks to Chris and Yvonne Woodcock for some fairly extensive preparation which helped the afternoon to proceed smoothly.

Jonathan Clark (webmaster)