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Central Branch meeting at Nettleham, 9th March 2013

It was a horrible wet afternoon in March and I was (as usual) running late for the Central Branch meeting at All Saint's, Nettleham. As I approached the church, I could here some Rounds being rung on the six.

All Saint's, Nettleham
Members in the Church

Inside the church it was quite busy, with many members enjoying a mug of tea or coffee and a fairly extensive collection of cakes and biscuits. The bells are hardly noticable in the church and you could have been forgiven for thinking that there was no ringing taking place, but as I approached the stairs through the kitchen, you could just about make out the sound of the bells.

Learners ringing Rounds at All Saints, Nettleham

In the ringing room it was quite busy as well, with a lot of familiar faces. It was quite close to the end of the practice, so there was just time for some more Rounds (without call changes) and a course of Norwich Surprise, before we descended the tower for the meeting.

The meeting was very short (10 minutes) and covered the date of the next meeting. Also Mick Stracey has acquired a substantial quantity of the new rope discussed at the last meeting. People who have rung at Branston (which previously had very elastic ropes) have agreed that it is of excellent quality for top end rope. It may also be suitable for bottom end (tail end) rope. Mick is going to try this out on an old rope at St. Giles. The raffle was drawn and won by Susan Waterfall who was presented with a large chocolate bunny (it is nearly Easter!)

There was a service due to take place in the church, so the members made their way home. A well attended meeting despite weather.

Jonathan Clark (webmaster)