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Central Branch Meeting at Navenby, 11th March 2017

St Peter's, Navenby

I arrived on time at St Peter's, Navenby and on entering the church I found a few ringers waiting in the church.

Waiting in the church

Shortly afterwards we went up the stairs to the rope room and raised the bells. The branch ringing master, Colin Ward got the ringing going, with plenty of rounds and call changes plus some Plain Bob, Grandsire, Cambridge Surprise and some Sandal Treble Bob.

In the ringing room

There was a brief period of confusion when Harold Gibson departed wearing John Underwood's coat, but we got that sorted and then after ringing the bells down, we descended the tower so that the raffle could be drawn.

The Raffle is drawn

After the raffle was drawn, certificates were presented to some of the members who had completed their stage 1 of training under our local ART instructor who is the branch ringing master. The members then left to go home.

Jonathan Clark (webmaster)