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Central Branch Outing to Mablethorpe, via: West Keal and Alford, 13th July 2013

We arrived at West Keal (6 bells at 10cwt) at about 11.30 and didnít hear any ringing to begin with, but as we were travelling up the drive the bells started. Fortunately they were already up, so when I got there I began with ringing some Plain Bob doubles. From first glance they looked quite nice, with a ground floor ring, and guides. The third felt a bit bouncy, but Iím used to this from the tower where I learnt to ring, so didnít find it too bad. A few more methods were rung, along with Plain Bob minor, and St. Clements. When it came to the ringing down, I was landed with the tenor. All went well until about halfway down some of the bells decided they werenít playing with us, and went Ďfunnyí, but fortunately the big bell was good to me.

Any one for Tea?
At the Seaside

By now the day was starting to get quite hot, with temperatures around 26C, which isnít ideal for bell ringing, but we carried on. Alford (6 bells at 12cwt) is a nice tower with an upstairs ring. The bells were also up when I arrived here, but as soon as I entered the tower I was asked to conduct a touch of plain bob. Iím not too confident as a conductor, but I gave it a go. More methods were rung, including some Cambridge and Stedman.

Mablethorpe was the last tower of the day (6 bells at 9cwt) where we nearly had a lock out, but made it into the church after about 20 minutes. I made a dash for the tea pot, and a sit down in the childrenís area, unfortunately Sandra was there with the camera though, and I didnít get away with it. It was another lovely ring to end the day, with some more touches of plain bob, plus a few other methods.

We then made out way to the beach. Some of us went into Mablethorpe itself, while another group went to Huttoft Bank. A delicious fish and chip supper was served, and we went for a little paddle and a game of boules on Mablethorpe sands, meanwhile a knobbly knees competition and water fight were had at Huttoft beach, along with another game of boules which Gill won. This was then followed by a very exciting cricket match, umpired by John from behind the newspaper, and won by Sylvia by a spectacular 8 runs!

Gill Gladman gets a soaking
The Umpire strikes back

A very good day was had by all, two ringers went home soaking wet, four were last seen heading north along the sands, and four others just managed to escape the incoming tide and sea mist.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped me through my first year in Lincoln, and Iím really looking forward to what is ahead!!

Mike Lawton