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Central Branch - High Street Towers, 11th February 2012

This was a nice easy one for me, because I live right on Lincoln High Street. I made my way down to St. Mary-le-Wigford Church, for about 2:30pm. The bells were already ringing, but I was temporarily unable to reach the church due to the High Street level crossing.

Eventually I made it into the tower where we rung Rounds and Call Changes, Plain Bob Minimus with different treble bell, Double Bob Minimus and rather enterprisingly a course of Bristol Minimus.

In the tower at St. Mary-le-Wigford
The Church at St Mary's from the ringing room

At 3:15pm we rang the bells down and made our way down the High Street to the far end and St. Botolph's Church, passing St. Peter at Gowts on the way. The bells at St. Peters are presently unringable, although I understand efforts are being made to remedy this.

Access to the bijou ringing room at St. Botolphs is by a very steep iron ladder. The church was open and members waited there to ring.

In the tower at St. Botolphs
Members in St. Botolph's Church

I got up to the ringing room to learn that there was a problem with the 3rd, so only 5 bells were ringable. The bells at St. Botolphs have not really been rung for about 2 years. I think the polite way of describing them would be "challenging". The most ambitious piece of ringing was a plain course of Stedman Doubles.

The meeting finished at about 4:00pm and people made their way home.

Jonathan Clark (webmaster)