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Central Branch Coronavirus Guidance

Please note that this is issued by the Central Branch. It does not necessarily represent the position of the Lincoln Diocesan Guild of Church Bellringers, or any of the other branches therein

The notice below is also available as a PDF that can be downloaded by clicking here.

Ringing and Coronavirus - Some Guidance from the Central Branch Committee

Central Branch Events

Given predictions that the worst of the outbreak is coming over the next 10-12 weeks; and growing uncertainty over travel restriction; public/group gatherings etc; it seems prudent in line with current need to restrict virus spread; to put Branch functions 'on hold'; certainly during April and probably also May. The following two practices are therefore affected:-

Thorpe on the Hill will be cancelled, but the committee will communicate further at the beginning of May in relation to Scothern in line with medical advice nearer that time.

Whether the GUILD AGM at Lincoln on April 25th goes ahead is for others to consider.

Individual Towers

Unless government restrictions demand otherwise it is for tower captains and/or ringing arrangers to decide whether practice nights and/or Sunday ringing goes ahead or not. If ringing does go ahead, then we would urge tower captains etc to take whatever precautions or mitigation they consider appropriate to prevent virus spread - for example:-

Further government and medical advice is available on various websites; or social media.

If you have any worries or queries please see either the CofE, NHS and Government websites (below)

At the moment, I am only aware of one practice night that is suspended until further notice and that is HECKINGTON

I am going to ask JC to set up an area on the web site with links to the web sites and a list of those practice nights that have been postponed for the time being. The links are above. Practice night cancellations will be under the Central Branch page when I get round to it - Webmaster

If you feel you have cancel you practice nights, please let me or the webmaster know so we can keep others informed.

If we receive any updates or further information, I will not hesitate to send it out to you

I will also get this information posted on the Facebook pages, but the Guild web site will be the primary source.

Many thanks

Claire (Holbrook) on behalf of the Central Branch Committee