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Central Branch meeting at Bardney, 9th February 2013

I arrived a little late at Bardney for the February meeting and the bells were ringing out as I approached the tower. After a short chat with Mr. Ketteringham, I ascended the tower to ring on the pleasent (but rather loud) six. Methods included Plain Bob Minor, Norwich Surprise, Oxford TB and Kent TB.

Ringing at Bardney. Watch the volume. They are loud!

Just before 4:00pm we rung the bells down and went down into the church where the ladies were serving tea, coffee and cake. It was a good turnout and so we held a brief business meeting.

The main topic of the meeting was the recent advertisment in the Ringing World for top end rope. Mick Stracey suggested that we should get some in while it was on offer at 1£/metre. Apparently the business that manufactures it is owned by someone from Lincolnshire and he uses it in his own tower. It was suggested that we get at least 100m, which would be enough to do two towers of modest draft. It was further suggested that it be left to Mick Stracey to decide if more were needed, to just order it while it was on special offer.

It was also a good day for membership with 4 membership applications going to the vote. All four were unnaminiously accepted by the members.

Ringing and business being concluded, the members made their way home.

Jonathan Clark (webmaster)