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Register of DBS (CRB) Approved Bell Ringing Tutors

Portability of Certificates (updated December 2015)

Portability of DBS certificates between similar activities relating to children and vulnerable adults may be obtained by applicants for DBS checks, whether for new or renewals. At the time of application or within 14 days of receipt of certificate, applicants must apply for a continuous updating of their records. This updating service enables a personís record, with their permission, to be looked at on-line by a prospective employer or user organisation and if "no change" is shown may lead to permission being granted to work without a new DBS application. The degree of portability is at the discretion of the user body.

Note: The existing LDGCBR Register and Certificates of DBS (CRB) approved bell ringing tutors as described below will remain in use until all existing users of this system have adopted the new continuous updating system described above.

  1. The Guild Register records the names of members of the Lincoln Guild of Church Bell Ringers who have been granted an extension of their DBS (CRB) approval to enable them to teach in any tower in the Lincoln Diocese.

  2. Individual members requiring portability of their DBS (CRB) approval to teach or supervise bell ringing must complete an application form and have it countersigned by their Branch Ringing Master. The completed form should be forward to the Guild Secretary together with a copy of their DBS (CRB) certificate (Enhanced Disclosure).

  3. The Guild Secretary will, with the Guild Master, verify the application and enter the member's name on the Register under a Reference Number. The Application Form will be signed and dated by the Guild Secretary and placed in the Registration File with the same reference number.

  4. The Guild Secretary will notify the applicant of the successful registration by completing and supplying a Portability Certificate dated and signed by the Guild Secretary or Guild Master. A copy will be sent to the member's Branch Secretary. The Portability Certificate will only be valid for use in the Lincoln Diocese.

  5. Guild Members will need to show copies of both their DBS (CRB) Certificate and Portability Certificate to the Tower Captain before starting at tower as a Trainer. The Tower Captain must inform the Incumbent or PCC that teaching from a Tutor approved by the Guild is taking place. The final approval for any bell ringing activity in a tower rests with the Incumbent.

  6. Members who have not applied for a DBS (CRB) check or who are applying for a renewal may obtain Portability approval by using specific wording on their Application Form:
    In box "position applied for" write "Bellringing Tutor". In box "organisation name" write "Diocese of Lincoln"

  7. Data in the register will remain confidential to the Officers listed above and to the Safeguarding Officer of the Lincoln Diocese.

Last Updated : Dercember 2015