2018 Events

Date Location Event Details
3/3/18 Coningsby Training Practice 6.30pm-8.30pm
7/4/18 Kirton Practice 6.30pm-8.30pm
5/5/18 Friskney Meeting Ringing 3.00pm-4.30pm
Service 4.30pm-5.00pm
Meeting, Tea, Ringing
2/6/18 Fishtoft Striking competiton 6.00pm
14/7/18 Butterwick Barbecue 5.00pm
4/8/18 Quadring Joint practice with Elloe 6.30pm-8.30pm
1/9/18 Tattershall and Timberland Joint Meeting with Central
6/10/18 Proposed joint outing With Northern branch Travelling by car
EB quarter peal week Towers to arrange own
27/10/18 Alford Guild Fundraiser
3/11/18 Boston Stump Practice 10.00am-12noon
1/12/18 Burgh-le-Marsh Meeting Ringing 3.00pm-4.30pm
Evensong 4.30pm-5.15
Tea and meeting
Ringing as req'd
26/1/19 Ingoldmells EB AGM 50th Anniversary of the bells
Guild dates
28/4/18 Bailgate Methodist Church, Lincoln Guild AGM
16/6/18 Ridgman Trophy
7/7/18 Southwark, London National Youth Competition
14/7/18 Boston Stump
Young ringers' day
& Barbecue
5/8/18 Lincoln Cathedral EB Ringing Meet 2.15pm
in Ringers Chapel
8/9/18 Ingoldmells and Alford Guild 6 bell striking competition Results and tea at Alford
13/10/18 Long Sutton Guild 8 bell striking competition
*** We will endeavour to maintain this list, but events may be subject to change ***
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New Eastern Branch eight bell method practices

The monthly 8 bell method practices at Burgh-le-Marsh will in future be held on the third Wednesday of the month, 7.30-9.00pm.

The intention is to provide an opportunity for ringers wishing to advance their method-ringing ability on eight bells, with an overall aim of ringing to a good standard.

The entry level is either ringing the treble to Triples or Major Methods (plain hunting or treble dodging) or covering to Triples Methods - essential for good triples ringing and a skill that helps with ropesight and listening.

More experienced ringers should have the opportunity to ring up to Surprise Major.