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Joint Northern & Central Branch Picnic - Tealby & Walesby, 8th June 2013

I arrived at tower just in time to miss ringing up, so had time to look at the scenery and realised how beautiful the Wolds are. Then up the steep stairs, through the trapdoor and into a pleasant ringing chamber.

The bells went well and striking was good when we all rang the same method. A combination of quite loud bells, poor hearing and mention of other methods prior to starting led to an attempt at a combined Cambridge and Little Bob. This was realised after the third attempt.

Members of the Northern branch arrived, one couple (Matthew and Lorraine Jeffery) with a prospective future member (Kelsey) who though unable to walk yet seemed to be dying to get at the ropes. A number of the usual suspects from central branch arrived at Tealby and after ringing some people elected to walk or cycle to Walesby.

All Saint's, Walesby
John & Sandra arrive

At Walesby those of us lazy people who took cars welcomed Jeremy (Wheeldon) as first of the walkers. Dave was first of the cyclists but arrived after most of the walkers after exploring shortcuts through a deer farm and testing how easy it is to get a bicycle over all the highest available stiles in the area. After a chilly picnic, ringing commenced.

The Picnic at Walesby
The Picnic at Walesby

As usual, ringing at Walesby was interesting showing up poor ringing technique (mine). Some rounds and call changes showed my limits on eight bells when my neighbour told me what bell I should be following, following which the caller called me to that position. I donít know for sure whether the caller put me right or was just moving to the next call. Usually it is my fault.

With reducing light and with all having had some ringing, a meeting followed during which a new member was voted in. Les complimented Hannah, one of our younger ringers, on her bell handling.

Keith Gladman (Nettleham)